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Properly functioning smoke detectors save lives, so it is important to have your smoke detectors professionally installed and keep them well maintained to provide optimal protection for your home and family. At BH3 Industries, we install smoke detectors in Plano, Mesquite, and surrounding areas for residential and commercial properties.

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The Best Smoke Detector Technology

When choosing smoke detectors in Plano, there are a few options to consider to ensure maximum protection for your home. Ionization smoke detectors respond to flames and photoelectric smoke detectors are set off by smoke. The best smoke detection includes dual sensor smoke alarms that are designed to detect both fire and smoke. While most smoke detectors sound an alarm, there are visual smoke detectors available for people who are hearing impaired.

Another option to consider is how the smoke detector is powered. There are both battery-powered smoke detectors and hard-wired models, which are connected to your home’s electrical system. Hardwired smoke detectors offer better protection for your family. We install hardwired smoke detectors in Plano to provide the ultimate protection for our customers.

Where to Install Smoke Detectors

Your home needs enough smoke detectors in the right places to ensure that you have adequate warning in the event of a fire. Seconds count when it comes to getting your loved ones safely out of the house in a fire. The number of smoke detectors needed and proper placement depends on several factors, including the home size, layout, and the number of bedrooms in your house.

For optimal protection, smoke detectors should be installed:

  • On every level of your home
  • On the ceiling or high on the wall
  • Near stairways
  • In every bedroom and hallways outside sleeping areas

Older homes don’t always have enough smoke detectors and some homes don’t have any properly functioning smoke detectors. We can evaluate your home, make recommendations about the type of smoke detectors that are best for your needs, and where smoke detectors should be installed. We can provide a free estimate for new smoke detectors in Plano and ensure that they are installed for optimal protection.

Don’t Forget Regular Testing & Maintenance

Unfortunately, many homeowners pay little attention to the smoke detectors after they are installed. This can be a deadly mistake. Regular testing and maintenance are essential for making sure your family remains protected. Most manufacturers recommend monthly maintenance to ensure that your smoke detectors stay in reliable working condition.

You can keep your smoke detectors well-maintained by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. You should test the smoke detectors every month to make sure they are working. If your smoke detectors have batteries, they should be changed every six months. When inspecting your smoke detectors, make sure the unit is not obstructed by curtains or furniture.

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